Friday, November 10, 2006

AdSense adds too much risk!

I just noticed that AdSense removed all postings from my Blog! They didn't even care to let me know about it or tell me why they have taken this step.

You may be hoping you will receive the amount of money you think you have earned by checking your AdSense account. I am now finding out from all the online postings I have recently read, that AdSense closes more accounts before they finally get to the $100 payout point then I thought possible.

They put very little effort into dealing with AdSense clients clearly and reasonable but are very quick to drop their end of any contractual obligation ... their way of doing business will not only distroy the good name of Google but get them into major legal problems, if AdSense doesn't improve client relations and doesn't stop doing things in such an adversarial, unsupportive way.


Maher said...

this story is scary

MoneyLinks said...

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